New Comments from Darla Sisk Schramm (June 17, 2009):

Yes, I have fond memories of Sisk Cafe.  When I was in high school, Polly George ran the restaurant, and I would get out of school 15 minutes early at noon and go up and wait tables for my lunch.  I worked for about an hour and always had a hot dog (a dime), cheese sticks (dime), and a cherry mash (dime).  Thirty cents an hour &  No tips!!   Thought I had a heck of a job.  Then when my parents had the restaurant, we lived in the back, but still had the house at the farm and went up there on weekends. Also remember serving breakfast to the fox hunters.  Had to get up at 3 AM and they were always gone by daylight.  Never could figure out why I always had to do that and the other two girls didn't.  My dad would farm all day then come in and tend bar all night and get up at 5:30 to help with breakfast.  I remember we usually served about 30 meals 3 times a day.  Anything over 30 was really a busy time.  Full meals were $.50 and hot beef sandwiches were $.30.  Pop was a nickel and beer $.20.  Other things I remember was the jukebox in the corner. (loved to play it) knew how to do that without putting in money. Tom Bomar always had to change out of his white shirt and dress pants before he would go out and fight, Maney Wells would come to town and drink beer all day then when it was time for him to go home my dad would sometimes ask me to take him home.  I hated that.  He always had to go pick up his groceries at the locker-dropped the sack or box and when he was putting them in the car and I would have to chase oranges, apples, or potatoes down the hill.  Then he always said “wouldn’t cost much to live if mommy didn't have to eat”. (he drank beer all day and always took some home with him).   

Those were the days!!!!


Donnie Durham called and told us that Jackie Sisk said that the children on the side stools in the picture are his brother and sister, Danny & Betty Sisk. This makes sense as their father is also in the picture. Also, several people think that the gentleman with his hat in the air might be Doyle (Diddle) Lance. Bob Wells (son of Manny Wells) said that he is sure that this is true. Doyle's wife, Grace, is also in the picture. We do appreciate the feedback on this! Everyone's cooperation and interest makes it fun! Keep in touch. 


This picture was taken at the Sisk Café in Fillmore, we think in the mid-fifties. This restaurant was ran by the George Robinette Family, the Earl Sisk Family, and then Elmer & Myrtle Floyd.

Names of the people from left to right to the best of our knowledge. Both Dan Floyd & I have been trying to identify everyone in the picture, but are stumped by some.

Grace Lance, Edna Lance, Susie Hilsenback, Herman Shores, Bonnie Sisk, Gerald Ben Sisk, Jack Davison, Earl Sisk, Arthur George, Elmer Floyd, Mystery Man”, Unidentified Little Boy,

Tom Bomar, and possibly Polly George (Not sure).

Could anyone help identify the people in question or correct any of the others? (look at the new development listed at the top of the page) We are particularly stumped with the man with the hat in the air. We have a few ideas, but need someone else to help.

I (Martie) spent a lot of time at the restaurant. The Robinettes had a daughter, close to my age and the Sisk Family had four children, Marcella, Darla, Velda, & son Benny. Velda & Darla was close to my age also.

The Floyds were close family friends and their children Sharon & Danny were liked by all the other kids in Fillmore. Of course, Sharon was a lot nicer than Dan! (Just kidding). Myrtle was a friend to anyone and everybody. I am sure that there wasn’t many kids in town that Myrtle hadn’t had at her home sometime in their childhood and it was always great fun. The Floyd’s home (located at the same place that the Masonic Lodge is now located) burned to the ground on a cold January 4th (Danny & Sharon’s birthday) in 1959.

There was always good food, “cold drinks”, and card playing at the restaurant. As I remember, it was usually kept open until the school bus returned after ballgames and all school functions.

 If anyone has a story about the restaurant or any other business in town, it would be great if you would share your memories with us.