Joseph Vance Berry married Permelia “Millie” Temple on May 13, 1834 in Ohio.


The young couple and two sons, James & Joseph, came to Missouri from Knox County, Ohio in 1839.


Coming to the Newark, now Fillmore, with two sons from Springfield, Ohio in 1839 they were early settlers in the area when it was part of the Platte Purchase.


In 1847, they purchased 160 acres east of Newark (T-60, R-36, and S-8) from the State of Missouri. Purchase price $1.25 per acre. This ground is now owned by the Duncan’s of Fillmore. The Berry’s also owned the farm across the road now owned by Dale Messick, who was married to Joseph Berry’s great-great granddaughter, Sherry Gilmore. Sherry and her brother John were grandchildren of Vance & Grace Gilmore. Vance was a son of Joseph Berry’s daughter, Fannie.


The Berry’s had six more children after coming to the area, making a total of eight.


The following is stated in the death notice in the Fillmore Items in the Savannah Paper on January 4, 1890: “Joseph was an honest, industrious man and left his widow and children well provided for, but will be greatly missed as a husband, father, neighbor & good citizen. He was a member of the M.E. Church, South, & lived in the faith for fifty-four years. He was buried in the Fillmore Cemetery”


It was on Berry Hill that the Spicer’s stopped in their covered wagon when coming to the area from Wisconsin. (See the article about the Spicer’s coming to Fillmore)


Mr. Berry’s name comes up frequently when reading about the history of the area. He was among many that helped settle our community. There is a lot to be proud of in our history with family ties still living in the Fillmore area.