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We will add new items of interest to the history archives as we obtain them. All comments or items of interest to the archives would be appreciated.  Why have a Fillmore History Archive? Read the article below, maybe it will help explain. If you are still interested click on any link and read away! We hope you enjoy.

The Home Town is the Best Little Town on Earth

God made the earth out of star dust and then made the people for it out of just any old scraps that were lying around handy. But when he came to make Fillmore  He had more practice and decided to do a better job than ever before. So He picked out the very best people on earth and caused them to settle in this community and the descendants truly live up to the traditions and refined social standards established by their forefathers, with the result that in the old world of sordid selfishness and dazzling crime and sizzling sin this Fillmore community is a beautiful gem of the prairie radiating scintillating streams of the beauties of life as exemplified in right living and being all that could be desired in the way of neighborly friendship and interest. There are very few spots left in the world where so many old time virtues can be found as exist among the people of this community and Andrew County.

Taken from the first issue of "The Fillmore Gem" published Thursday, February 19, 1931. One year's subscription was $1.25.

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